About Me

iOS developer, mastery in end-to-end app development. Plenty years of hands-on experience in small and large companies has led to a deep understanding of iOS technologies, with a commitment to staying updated on industry advancements. The focus on writing clear, maintainable code ensures seamless future updates and enhancements.

As a freelancer, flexibility and adaptability are offered to suit specific project needs and timelines. Valuable experience in collaborative environments contributes creatively while seamlessly integrating into any existing workflow. The commitment extends beyond technical proficiency, aiming for the successful realization of the project's business goals and user expectations.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Freelance iOS/Software Developer

    Freelance - Worldwide, Remote - 2023 - Present

    As a freelance iOS and software developer, my journey has been diverse and deeply enriched with cutting-edge technologies. I've delved into the realms of artificial intelligence, working with OpenAI & other platforms APIs for text generation, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, text-to-image, image-to-text and text-to-video. My technical prowess extends to backend development, where I designed and implemented my own REST API, using Python and Flask, facilitating seamless communication between different software components. I've experimented with real-time data handling through the use of web sockets and web hooks, ensuring dynamic and responsive applications. My versatility is further demonstrated by my proficiency with no-code platforms such as Bubble.io, enabling rapid development and deployment of web applications.

  • iOS Engineer

    Tote - Manchester, UK - 2021 - 2023

    At Tote, the focus was on refactoring the betting app for enhanced user experience, introducing new features like additional bet types and modernizing the UI with SwiftUI. The codebase was modularized and legacy code removed, automating the release and build process using CircleCI and Bitrise. Adopting a two-week sprint cycle ensured high-quality work within deadlines. Collaborations with QA and Design teams secured the standards for functionality and usability.

  • iOS Developer

    iTouch Systems - Manchester, UK - 2020 - 2021

    At iTouch Systems, as part of the R&D team, I developed iOS prototype apps for the company's third-generation device. The project involved device communication using Sockets, CRM networking via OAuth 2.0, and a CoreGraphics-built drawing app. I created multiple prototypes for iPhone and iPad, enhancing my iOS development skills and gaining experience in designing apps that interface with complex hardware systems.

  • Jr iOS Developer

    Recruited - London, UK - 2019 - 2020

    As an iOS Developer at Recruitd, I collaborated with the team to enhance the iOS application by integrating features from the web app and implementing new ideas. My role involved troubleshooting and fixing bugs for optimal user experience, working with third-party libraries like Stripe, Fabric, Crashlytics, and CocoaPods. This experience enriched my iOS development skills and project management acumen.

  • Education

  • BSc - Computing Technologies

    Roehampton University - London, UK - 2018 - 2020

    While studying Computing Technologies at Roehampton University, I delved into diverse areas of Computer Science, from programming and algorithms to networking and databases. This broad curriculum sharpened my problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and adaptability to new technologies. Simultaneously, team projects enhanced my collaboration and project management abilities, laying a firm foundation for my career in the tech industry.

  • BSc - Economics

    ASE - Bucuresti, RO - 2010 - 2014

    Studying Economics at the Academia de Studii Economics Bucuresti fortified my analytical and problem-solving skills. The ability to analyze data, understand patterns, and make data-driven decisions in this field transfers seamlessly to tech and programming. This experience helped develop a holistic perspective, enabling me to build tech solutions that not only work well but also effectively address real-world economic and business challenges.

  • GCSE - Math & Computing

    Ioan Slavici High School - Panciu, RO - 2006 - 2010

    I immersed myself in Mathematics and Computing studies, which laid the groundwork for my future journey. The logical thinking fostered by Mathematics, coupled with the technical skills developed in Computing, set the stage for a seamless transition into higher-level tech studies and ultimately a fruitful career in programming and software development.


SwiftUI & UIKit
Version Control (Git)
App Store
Machine Learning & AI
Adobe Premiere Pro

Hire Me!

Experienced in Swift, SwiftUI, CoreData & SwiftData, Firebase, RestAPI, WebSockets, Machine Learning & AI, third party integration, and many more, I bring over 4 years of commercial iOS development experience to the table. My portfolio includes diverse projects and innovative solutions, leveraging artificial intelligence technologies to build smarter and more interactive apps. As a freelancer, I offer the flexibility to adapt to your unique business needs and timelines. My focus on performance, security, and user experience ensures that the final product will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Let me help bring your iOS app idea to life, driving success on the App Store.